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Have you ever wondered why...

  • Some people seem to catch a cold year-round and why others won’t so much as sneeze; even when under tremendous pressure?
  • Certain individuals seem more susceptible to mental illness than others?
  • The clock in your car is colored green?
  • We tend to drift apart from those we were closest with in high school after graduation?

Have you ever just wondered why people do the things they do?

If you find yourself wondering about any of the above questions, a career in psychology may be an appropriate option for you. Psychology is the study of the mind, mental processes, and behavior.


Most of our psychology instructors participate in the honors program. The student and the instructor work together to customize an appropriate honors project. Past honors projects have included a personal happiness journey, writing letters to senators, conducting psychology-related experiments, creating questionnaires, combining service-learning with honors credit, writing research papers, and much more!