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At El Paso Community College, we believe in empowering our faculty and staff to reach new heights in their professional journeys. Our comprehensive Professional Development programs are designed to enhance skills, foster innovation, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning.

Faculty Development

The mission of the Faculty Development Office is to provide a comprehensive program of activities for faculty. This mission is geared towards both professionals and personal development with intent of helping faculty become better prepared to serve their students, the college, and the community.

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Human Resources Development

Our Mission is to enhance the potential of EPCC Employees with educational growth and development to assist them in meeting their goals and objectives. We will do this by providing professional training and workshops in relevant areas as requested by the EPCC family.

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Leadership Academy

The El Paso Community College Leadership Academy has been a hub for personal and professional growth. Endorsed by President Serrata and the Cabinet, it serves as a model for other institutions and a key part of the College's succession planning. Participants engage in skills training, creative projects, and networking with local leaders. This unique opportunity fosters reflective leadership, employee-student engagement, and an in-depth understanding of College operations. Open to faculty and staff, applications are accepted each summer, with the new cohort starting in September.

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Teachership Academy

El Paso Community College's Teachership Academy is a ten-month professional developmental program designed to provide faculty a cohort experience while focusing on Teaching and Learning and providing them the opportunity to implement what they have learned through an Action Research Project conducted in their classes as the culmination of the Academy experience.

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