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The mission of El Paso Community College is to ensure affordable, high quality education and career pathways from start to finish.


EPCC will be a progressive educational leader transforming our future.

Student Success Statement

Recognizing that there are obstacles for students in attaining academic goals, EPCC’s focus on success strives to achieve fairness through inclusion of all students and active removal of barriers by supporting student progress, degree completion, academic transfer and/or gainful employment. EPCC is committed to success for all students as a basis for creating opportunities and providing resources and support for the success of all members of its college community.

*Adopted by the Board of Trustees, January 2024

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is shaped by four goals that illustrate our common values and purpose. It will guide us in cultivating our strengths and responding to challenges as we expand our region’s path to higher education.

Goals and Outcomes

  1. Provide Quality Education to Meet Students’ Diverse Needs

    • Facilitate College Transitions
    • Prepare Students with Marketable Skills for Gainful Employment
    • Promote Co-Curricular Learning
    • Provide State-of-the-Art Infrastructure, Technology, and Services
    • Provide Relevant Professional Development Opportunities
  2. Drive Student Success

    • Engage Students Inside and Outside the Classroom
    • Promote a College-Going Culture
    • Increase Student Retention and Graduation Rates
    • Optimize Support Services
    • Close Equity Gaps in Student Outcomes
  3. Foster Engagement and Increase Partnerships

    • Retain Qualified Employees
    • Promote Innovation and Accountability
    • Empower Employees to Take Responsibility for Student Recruitment, Engagement, and Success
    • Align Partnerships with Regional Educational, Economic and Workforce Needs
    • Increase EPCC Visibility
  4. Sustainability

    • Maintain Fiscal Strength and Accountability
    • Prioritize Individual, Campus and Workplace Safety
    • Integrate Data in Decision-Making and Planning
    • Ensure Quality and Effectiveness in All College Operations
    • Prioritize Emergency and Crisis Preparedness