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The mission of El Paso Community College is to provide accessible, quality and affordable education that prepares students for academic, professional and personal growth and advances our regional workforce.


El Paso Community College will be the progressive educational leader providing quality education that facilitates success for students, the community and region through innovative learning opportunities.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is shaped by five goals that illustrate our common values and purpose. It will guide us in cultivating our strengths and responding to challenges as we expand our region’s path to higher education.


  1. Provide Quality Education

    Maintain a focus on improvement and assessment that is supported by creating a culture of excellence.

  2. Drive Student Success

    Provide academic programs and support services that are clear pathways to skill development, timely degree completion and transfer to a university or gainful employment.

  3. Foster Engagement

    Enhance collaboration at all levels within EPCC and the community.

  4. Build Community & National Awareness and Grow Partnerships

    Share the many ways EPCC transforms students’ lives and impacts the community and region.

  5. Sustainability

    Be a progressive educational leader through innovation, identifying opportunities for improvement and effectively utilizing resources.