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Learn to interpret and transcribe dictation given by physicians in medical transcription. This lucrative career allows you to work from your home and is ranked as one of the top ten home-based businesses.

If you have good English language skills, keyboarding skills, and can listen effectively, medical transcription may be the career for you.

The Medical Transcription Certificate is a one-year, online program. A career in Medical Transcription combines the disciplines of medicine and computer applications within the health care industry.

A Medical Transcriptionist, also known as a healthcare documentation specialist, or a medical documentation editor, listens to a voice recording made by a doctor or other healthcare professional and either transcribes the information into a captured electronic record, or reviews and edits a version produced by a speech recognition technology software program for the record. The reports produced become part of the legal medical record, and include medical histories, discharge summaries, physical examination reports, operating room reports, diagnostic imaging studies, consultation reports, autopsy reports, referral letters and other documents. These reports are important because they serve as the foundation for ongoing clinical decision-making, continuity of care, maximized reimbursement, and risk management.


Salary Range

El Paso: $26,000 - $30,000
State of Texas: $37,464 - $46,603

Career Ladder Mobility


Duration of Program

2 year - Certificate of Completion

Program Documents

Medical_Transcription_C2-MRMT.pdfProgram Guide - Medical Transcription CC