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Getting fit and having fun is our goal for you!

The Intramural Sports Program provides a comprehensive quality program of recreational sports and activities designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of students, faculty, and staff members of El Paso Community College.

The Intramural Sports staff is here to serve you and to do everything possible to make sure that your experience is a positive one. We offer a number of different team and individual activities for students, faculty, staff and administration to participate in. You can keep in shape and enrich your college experience by participating in your intramural sports. There are several intramural events scheduled each year, including the traditional sports such as soccer, volleyball, flag football, and basketball. There is something for everyone!

For additional information regarding all activities, please feel free to contact the Intramural Sports Manager.

Note: Valid EPCC ID is required to participate in all activities and events.

Click here to download blank rosters (PDF)
(rosters are applicable to all organized sports activities)

Entries: Teams & Individuals

  • It is the responsibility of the team captain to submit a proper team name for their Intramural Sports team. The following restrictions are enforced: team names should only be from one of the NBA teams only.
  • The Intramural Sports Manager reserves the right to censor and change team names accordingly.
  • Entries will be taken on a first-come, first serve basis. Space is limited in many activities therefore Captain's meeting are mandatory. Once the meeting is over, there is no guarantee that additional teams will be let into the league.
  • Late entries will be accepted only if time and space allow. Occasionally, teams entering a sport late will be inserted if another team drops out of competition (due to forfeits or sportsmanship issues); at this point, the teams on the "waiting list" will be inserted in the order of entry.
  • In individual/dual sports and meets, individuals entering late may show up at the activity site and assume a position left open by a forfeit.

Looking to get in a team?

No team - No Problem! Simply come to the Captain's meeting and sign up as a free agent for that sport. Often individuals who are put on the " free agent list" are picked up from teams who attend the sport specific captain's meetings; if you're picked up, you'll be part of the team named "The Wanderers."


The following eligibility regulations have been established to protect the intramural athletes and to insure them ample opportunity to participate. It is important that all participants observe the rules equally so that no team or individual may gain an advantage over those abiding by the rules. Each participant is responsible for the verification of his/her own eligibility. Each team captain is responsible for the eligibility of his/her team members.

Sports & Events