The Foundation for El Paso Community College

 Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation for El Paso Community College purpose is to raise funds to provide the EPCC students scholarships. We envision a greater border community where all individuals pursue learning and improve their quality of life through education. Thank you to all our donors.

The Scholarship Application is available between January 1st - April 1st. By completing one application, students are considered for several scholarships. To apply, visit the Financial Aid website.

Financial Aid

 Scholarships Offered




Culinary Art Club


Mary Alanis

El Paso Electric

Hunt Family Foundation

Officer Andrew Barcena

Grainger Scholarship

Kenneth Gifford Foundation

Deas Campbell

Hospitals of Providence

NE Rotary Club Foundation

James Franco

JP Morgan Chase

Wilma Moleen Foundation

Garcia Fund

Military Dependents


Rosa Isela Garcia

PRIDE Industries


Mervin Moore

Soldiers/Active Duty


Fabiola and Jacob Rubio

The Rotary Club of El Paso



TIERS (The Institute of Executive Resort Services)



TM/FT. Bliss/ASC-B



Wells Fargo Scholarship






Hunt Family Foundation

General Dana J. H. Pittard

Dr. William Serrata

Harvey Johnson

John Fitzpatrick

Dr. Emil J. Michal

Western Refining

Wynn Rosser

Prof. Blanca Campa Resilience Fund

Miles Foundation

Renard U. Johnson

Richard Rhodes

Richard Castro

Andres Alcantar

Roger & Ursula White

Dr. Diane K. & Daryl E. Troyer

Stephen Wolslager

The Hero Scholar

Jacob Fraire

Sally Hurt-Deitch

McCormick Architecture

Leah Meyer Austin

Woody Hunt

Aguilar/ Mesta

Jose Manuel De La Rosa

Mary E. Kipp


Manny Medrano

L. Fredrick & Ginger Francis


 Matching Partner


Stars Scholarship Fund