Valle Verde Writing Center

 Mission Statement of the Valle Verde Writing Center

The staff and tutors at the Valle Verde Writing Center believe that learning how to write well goes hand in hand with learning how to think well. Becoming aware of what it means to question and probe the different facets of a topic directly affects the success of any writing assignment. We are committed to helping all writers—students, instructors, and members of the El Paso community— master this important skill so essential to academic success.

We believe in the power of one-on-one conversation, and its ability to help writers find their own unique voices. We believe in supporting writers and helping them to build confidence in their existing skills. We propose that good writers are not born, but made, through dedication and hard work. Our tutors and staff are writers themselves and know firsthand the struggle of putting meaningful words to paper. Our mission is to share the writing knowledge we’ve garnered so far and to learn as much from the writers who come to the Center as they learn from us.