Shooting Star


Q1. What is a Shooting Star?
The Shooting Star Program is an easy way to quickly recognize and express gratitude to the employees of the District, who's actions go above and beyond in working with you or/and others.

Q2. Who can send a Shooting Star?
A Shooting Star can be sent by anyone working in the College District for anyone at any campus at any time.

Q3. When do I send a Shooting Star?
Send a Shooting Star anytime someone has demonstrated internal customer service and/or assistance in a manner that appears to supersede the daily expected routine behavior.

Q4. How do I send a Shooting Star?
You can send a Shooting Star at any time by completing an electronic Shooting Star form and selecting the submit button.

* Please Note: The form must include a written description demonstrating the nominee’s service was above and beyond the normal parameters of their job.

We believe that all the employees of El Paso Community College are Shooting Stars and deserve the recognition of a job well done – for their tasks can capture our eye and move us in awe and appreciation!

Originated by: LDA, Fundamentals Team #2, Class of 2005.