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The Art of Test Taking

Test taking skills preparation for multiple choice, true/false, short answer, essay test, and open book exams.

Stress and Wellness

This workshop explores stress-management strategies and meditation. Discovers some of the physical and psychological symptoms of stress and how to elevate or reduce stress to maintain wellness.

Evolve Your Brain (one hour video from Starlink)

Exploring how the brain works and how we learn.


This workshop helps students examine how they learn. It also explores the different types of reading comprehension methods that are available so that they are better able to determine the better fit for the situation and their learning styles.

Note Taking Techniques

This workshop helps students in their note taking process. This workshop also shows students how to develop systematic processes that will help produce better notes. Other technological aids are discussed that can be used along with the written note taking process.

Multiple Intelligence

Explores Howard Gardner theories on intelligence.

12 Strategies to Get Good Grades

Explores 12 different strategies that students can use to get better grades.

Characteristics of a Successful Student

This workshop gives students information on the different elements of success and how to implement them to become a more successful college student.

Limiting Thinking Patterns

Helps students to recognize and overcome negative thinking patterns and distorted thinking.