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Emergency Preparedness

EPCC police officers have received training in Incident Command and Active Shooter. When a serious incident occurs that causes an immediate threat to the campus, first responders are usually EPCC Police, who can be supplemented by El Paso Police, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and the El Paso and Clint Fire Departments. Other EPCC departments and other city, county, state or federal agencies could also be involved in responding to an incident.

Notification to the College Community Regarding an Immediate Threat

The EPCC Chief of Police receives information from various offices and departments on campus. If it is determined that there is an emergency or dangerous situation that poses an immediate threat to the health or safety of some or all members of the college community, the Chief of Police will collaborate to determine the content of the message and will use some or all of the systems to communicate the threat to the EPCC community or to the appropriate segment of the community, if the threat is limited to a particular building or segment of the population. The Chief of Police and the college’s I.T. Division will, without undue delay and taking into account the safety of the community, determine the content of the notification and initiate the notification system, unless issuing a notification will, in the judgment of the first responders, compromise the efforts to contain, respond to, assist a victim or otherwise mitigate the emergency.

In the case of a serious incident which poses an immediate threat to members of the EPCC community, the college has systems in place for communicating information quickly. Some or all of these methods may be activated in the event of an immediate threat. The methods of communication include network e-mails, text messaging and telephones.

EPCC utilizes a text message service called Tejano Alert. This is the primary source for notification to the campus community regarding immediate threats. E-mails are also sent to students, staff and faculty.

To sign up for Tejano Alert go to: Tejano Alert

The college will post updates during a critical incident on the EPCC Website. Members of the larger EPCC community interested in receiving information about emergencies on campus should enroll with the emergency text message system (Tejano Alert).