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This is the virtual gateway for soldiers on active duty to request Tuition Assistance (TA) online for classroom and online college courses. Colleges use GoArmyEd to show degree and course offerings to soldiers.

The TA program through GoArmyEd provides financial assistance for a soldier to realize self-development goals through education. All active duty service members are authorized to participate in the TA program and EPCC’s affordable credit hour costs fall well under the program caps.

Tuition Assistance is offered through Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC), a partnership between higher education institutions and the military services. SOC was created to help strengthen service member college level educational opportunities.
As per SOC, EPCC understands and responds to the special needs of service members. EPCC recognizes previous studies, knowledge gained from specialized training, and military experience.

SOC and EPCC are your partners throughout your college career.

Tuition Assistance

To get Tuition Assistance, visit GoArmyEd

  • We recommend that you take the training course on the portal.
  • Once on the site, obtain a username and password.
  • Declare a specific degree.
  • Print and fill out the Statement of Understanding (SOU).
  • Obtain a signature from the unit commander on the SOU.
  • Contact the Fort Bliss Education Center for activation of the soldier’s access to the TA part of GoArmyEd.

If you have a question, feel free to contact us, our experienced and courteous staff will assist you.