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Best Start Student ID Card


Students who register and pay for one or more credits are eligible to receive an EPCC Best Start ID Card. The first card is issued free of charge to all students. There will be a $5.00 charge for replacements of any type: lost or stolen cards, name change, changing from linked to unlinked, etc.

Students enrolled in Continuing Education courses requiring an EPCC Best Start ID Card or who desire to participate in campus activities requiring a valid EPCC Best Start ID Card shall be charged $5.00 for the issuance of the card.

Obtaining a Best Start ID Card

Student EPCC Best Start ID cards are available for the current semester after tuition payment is made and as soon as student information is available in the ID system. Students can go to any Campus Life Office, have their picture taken, and receive their EPCC Best Start ID Card. All students must present a photo ID and a copy of their current class schedule with proof of payment to receive their EPCC Best Start ID Card (In the event that a student does not have a valid ID, the students must provide two alternate forms of identification).

Acceptable ID with Photo:

  • U.S Drivers License
  • State ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID

Acceptable ID without Photo:

  • Birth Certificate AND
  • Social Security Card

Your EPCC Best Start ID Card is intended to be used for student identification purposes and help facilitate business transactions, which include, but are not limited to, campus bookstore purchases, access to library and computer labs, checking out library materials, checking out physical education equipment, participation in Intramural Sporting events, as well as participation in Campus Life and Student Government Association events and programs (some activities may require additional fees for admission). Additionally, your EPCC Best Start ID Card may be used for student discounts at identified locations.

Checking Account Options Available From Wells Fargo

El Paso Community College and Wells Fargo have teamed up to offer you optional added banking convenience with your linked Best Start Card. This program offers you choices – you can choose to open an account and you can choose to link that account to your Best Start Card for banking access. Both optional services are available for your convenience.

For information about the major features and common fees of checking accounts offered through this program, please view the links below:

Deposit products offered by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.

El Paso Community College receives financial support from Wells Fargo for services associated with the Best Start Card to help offset costs. Students, faculty and staff are not required to open an account with Wells Fargo to receive or use the Best Start Card for other campus services.

The Department of Education’s (ED) Cash Management regulations 34 CFR 668.164(d)(4)(i)(B)(2) (issued October 2015), require institutions participating in T2 (Campus Card) arrangements to list and identify the major features and commonly assessed fees as well as a URL for the terms and conditions of each financial account offered under the arrangement.

Maintaining your EPCC Best Start ID Card

Each semester, the students must visit any Campus Life Office to receive a semester validation sticker. The sticker will be placed on the current EPCC Best Start ID Card. This sticker verifies the students' current enrollment. Without this sticker, the student's card is invalid.

The care, custody, and control of the EPCC Best Start ID Card are the responsibilities of the card holder. This card is non-transferable and should not be modified; the lending out of a student's ID card subjects the student and holder to disciplinary action and forfeiture of the ID card privileges.

Any department has the right to reject the EPCC Best Start ID Card based upon its condition. If this occurs, the cardholder should take immediate steps to replace the card at their own expense.

Lost or Stolen ID Cards

Lost or stolen cards should be immediately reported to the EPCC Police Department. A police report must be filed. You must bring the case number and proof of payment to the Campus Life Office in order to have a replacement card issued.

How to Replace EPCC Best Start ID Cards and Stickers

Students, staff or faculty requiring a replacement ID due to loss, theft, or normal wear and tear, new photo, name change, etc., will incur a replacement charge of $5.00. Replacement fees are paid at the Campus Cashier and you must present a payment receipt and your filed police report before a new card or sticker is issued if applicable. If you later find your card, replacement fees cannot be refunded. Additionally, students are allowed only one card all others will be confiscated and destroyed.

ID Card FAQs