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COVID-19 Student Laptop Checkout

Academic Computing Services is offering student laptop checkout services to support remote learning.

  1. Please contact us to reserve a laptop. ACS has a limited number of laptops available.
  2. Proceed to the campus you reserved your laptop at, and remain in your vehicle once you have arrived.
  3. Contact us to receive instructions for pickup on campus to ensure we maintain social distancing.
  4. You will be instructed to park in a designated spot, and an ACS employee will come to you.

Please visit the Remote Toolkit for information and resources that support your distance learning experience.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


The mission of the ACS Department is to provide high-quality support and facilities designed to allow access to, and foster the appropriate use of, technology within the limits of its resources, as well as responding to the needs of the students, faculty, and staff.

Academic Computing Services (ACS) provides and maintains the computer labs located at each campus. From these locations students can work on assignments and projects, access email and internet, and utilize other online services.


All students will be required to log onto the PC using their EPCC Username (Same as your EPCC email)

Lab Rules


  • When accessing the lab, all students / faculty / staff must present a valid EPCC ID.
  • All students, faculty, and staff are required to sign in and out when using the lab facilities.
  • ID checks will be conducted. Please have your identification ready at all times.


  • Printers are intended for EPCC school-related activities such as assignments, research, and projects. Printing is limited to no more than 2 copies of school-related assignments.
  • Limit your printing to no more than 15 pages per visit. If you are required to print more than 15 pages, please ask an ACS staff member for additional assistance.
  • For Internet documents, use print preview to determine the length of the printout. If it is more than 15 pages, please ask an ACS staff member for additional assistance.

Cell Phones

  • In consideration of others, please set your cell phone on silent mode.
  • Please use your cell phone outside of the lab as not to disturb others.


  • No foods, open/unopened drinks, or snacks are permitted in the labs or classrooms.
  • No smoking is permitted in the labs or classrooms.