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The Children’s College is designed to offer a wide spectrum of courses to encourage students to develop and apply critical and creative thinking skills to areas of study in which they have an interest. The objective of this program is to give children the opportunity to take classes in a college environment and to increase their awareness of the importance of a College Education.

Children’s College offers courses for children between the ages of 5-17 years of age to help improve their academics skills and explore a personal interest. The program provides children an introduction to the course that they desire. The Children’s College program offers annual events, including Spring Arts Festival and Sport Camps.

The Children’s College is dedicated to promoting lifelong learning at an early age and to offer opportunities for children to become acquainted with other students who have similar interests. The children will leave with a learning experience and will continue to return.

Courses Offered: Academic Enrichment, Performing Arts, Sports, and other interests.  Refer to the Class Schedule for more information.

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