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El Paso Community College's Teachership Academy is a ten-month professional developmental program designed to provide faculty a cohort experience while focusing on Teaching and Learning and providing them the opportunity to implement what they have learned through an Action Research Project conducted in their classes as the culmination of the Academy experience.


  1. Enhance teaching skills for participants.
  2. Enhance the learning of participants' students.
  3. Prepare Academy Graduates to become Mentor teachers who serve to assist other faculty at the college with their instructional and developmental needs.


  • Workshops and other events will offer ideas/strategies to enhance teaching and learning of students.
  • Participants will conduct an Action Research Project that examines how their teaching strategies impact student learning.
  • Participants will learn as a cohort allowing for collaboration and discussion of best practice.
  • Upon graduation from the Academy each participant will be designated as a Mentor teacher and will assist new faculty with their instructional and developmental needs.
  • Faculty Development credits for the academic year will be earned by each participant.
  • Fulltime and adjunct faculty are eligible to participate in the Academy.
  • Apply for the Academy using the Teachership Academy Application.