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Goals and Outcomes

Development of greater confidence and self-awareness

  • Greater presence in College activities.
  • Enhanced communication with supervisors and peers.
  • Involvement on community boards & chair professional organizations.
  • Application for jobs with greater responsibility

Team research, development, and/or implementation of a student success or community initiative

  • Investigation and research of College programs/activities and community needs
  • Implementation of Innovative student success & employee projects
  • Participant satisfaction in EPCC engagement and contributions
  • Increased appreciation and understanding of student services and classroom challenges and successes
  • Collaboration among faculty, staff, and students with whom they otherwise would not have interacted
  • Development of lasting friendships from other areas and campuses

Greater understanding of College operations and roles and responsibilities of Cabinet members and the Board of Trustees

  • Meetings with Cabinet and Board of Trustees President results in:
    • Pride in the College
    • Enhanced understanding of College operations and services
    • Awareness of roles and responsibilities of VPs, AVPs, President, and Board of Trustees
    • Feeling of inclusion and personal connection with leaders

Student Success

  • Application of stills and concepts in student interactions in:
    • Advising, recruiting, financial aid discussions
    • increased participant confidence in mentoring students
    • awareness and application of positive patterns of communication with students

Classroom application of training skills and concepts

  • Application of skills and concepts in the classroom, in counseling, and library
    • opportunity to teach students the communication, self-awareness, teambuilding, nonverbal, collaboration, and leadership skills and concepts learned in trainings

Enhanced communication

  • “Finding one’s voice” in meetings and with supervisors
  • Enhanced public speaking skills
  • Increased assertiveness in making requests
  • Application of the problem solving process in decision-making

Courage to participate in a creative activity and recognition and revelation of personal creative talents

  • Confidence in experimenting with new challenges
  • Awareness of creative talents and creative thinking
  • Successful presentation of creative self-reflection activity and lessons learned

Insight into the paths to success, challenges, and successes of El Paso non-profit, business, government, K-12 & UTEP leaders

  • Share with students leadership lessons learned from community leaders
  • Share with students skills organizations are seeking in graduates
  • Emphasize importance of a degree and examples of challenges leaders have overcome that also reflect student challenges