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Since 2005, El Paso Community College Leadership Academy participants have had the opportunity to engage in personal growth and professional leadership development activities including skills training that reflects the most current leadership thinking and research. The Academy has been a model for other institutions, and we are proud to continue to offer this unique learning opportunity that results in reflective leadership, employee-student engagement, and an enhanced appreciation and understanding of College operations.

With President Serrata and Cabinet support and endorsement, and the in-depth discussions of College operations, programs, and initiatives that are provided by Cabinet members throughout the year, the Academy serves as a key succession planning vehicle for the College. Participants engage in creative endeavors; develop innovative projects in service to EPCC and the community; participate in networking events with EPCC, local, and state leaders; collaborate in teambuilding exercises; and develop an Individual Leadership Action Plan that includes personal and professional growth activities. Participant teams also develop initiatives to enhance student success and employee development. Meetings are scheduled at the EPCC Administrative Services Center throughout the year.

We invite faculty and staff to take this opportunity to invest in their future, the College, and the students we serve. Applications to participate in the Leadership Academy are accepted each summer and the new cohort of participants begins in September of each year. Meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis throughout the year.


Linda_Brown_Community_College_Review2002.pdfCommunity College Leadership Preparation
Needs, Perceptions, and Recommendations
-Linda Brown, Ph.D.
-Mario Martinez, Ph.D.
-David Daniel, Ph.D.
SERRATA-DISSERTATION.pdfSuccessful Hispanic Male First-Time-In-College Students
Experiences That Facilitate Fall First-Term Student Persistence.
By William Serrata
UT_Approved_Dissertation_Phillip_Neal.pdfCornerstones of Effective Practice
A Case Study
EPCC Leadership Development Academy
Doctoral Student Dissertation
By Phillip Wayne Neal
The University of Texas at Austin