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 MOL (Math Online Lab)

When you submit a math problem using our webpage, a math tutor will investigate the question and email you back some helpful hints to answer it within 48 hours. The tutors will only respond to five questions per student per week.*


To submit a question, please provide the following in an email message:

  • your full name
  • your Student ID number
  • instructor's name and course (e.g. Jones, Math 1314)


Attach your question to your email message as a Microsoft Word document or .rtf file. We cannot open drafts that are submitted under any other format.


When submitting your question, show what you have done to solve the problem, including steps you have taken, your answer, and why you think you are incorrect.


Please use the following symbols when submitting your question: Math Symbols in Email.


You will receive the tutor's response as an attached .PDF file. To view and print the form you will need to download Adobe Reader. If you do not have this software on your computer, click here to download it.



Regular email users (SmartStart, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail): send your questions to wcvv@epcc.edu 


Microsoft Outlook Users: click here to submit your questions.



*The 48-hour turnaround time does not include questions submitted during official College holidays. Plan accordingly during these times.


This service does not guarantee higher grades; these are at the discretion of your professor. You should use the comments you receive to try solving your math question on your own.