Tutorial Support Services Valle Verde

The following are some questions that students may have before getting tutored. We hope the answers provided help students have a more productive tutoring experience both in person and online through our Math online lab.


 Who are the tutors at Tutorial Support Services?


The tutors who work at the Math Center are individuals who have excellent skills and possess a genuine interest in assisting others. Most of the tutors have already earned their Bachelors degrees in a wide variety of fields, like Engineering, Math, Computer Information Systems, Physics and Statistics, just to name a few. Tutors working at Tutorial Support Services also undergo extensive training and receive certification through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). To learn more about CRLA, click here.

 What should I expect from a tutoring session?


When students come in for tutoring, they need to sign in to record their visit. Once students sit down with a tutor, they can address any concerns about their work. The tutor will sit with students and help by asking pertinent questions to help them put their own knowledge into practice. Often, tutors will provide handouts on specific concepts of Math, and they can direct students to additional resources that help them become independent learners.


 Will a tutor come help me immediately after I sign in?


It is important to note that during busy times (before a scheduled exam or during finals week), students may have to wait before a tutor comes and helps them, so it is a good idea to bring some homework. Students' patience is greatly appreciated.


 What should I NOT expect from a tutoring session?


Tutors will NOT work homework problems. Similarly, a tutor is NOT an instructor replacement should a student miss class. Furthermore, a tutor is NOT responsible for students' grades; students' work and success in any class depends on them, not on the tutor.


 How often can I work with a tutor?


Students can work with the center tutors as often as they need to within the hours of operation. As stated before, a tutor will sit with students long enough to answer any specific questions and to set up a plan that allows them to work on these questions on their own. After working with a tutor, students can always request additional help by raising their hand.


 Can I request a tutor when I come in for tutoring?


Tutorial Support Services does not work by appointments. It is highly recommended that students work with as many different tutors as possible so they can learn other viewpoints and get accustomed to different tutoring styles.


 How can I show my instructor I have been coming in for tutoring?


This can be done two ways. Each time students sign in at the front desk, their visit is recorded in the departmental database. A comprehensive report of students' visits can be sent to instructors who request it. Similarly, after working with a tutor, students can request a center verification form that also lets their instructor know what they worked on during a single session. It should be noted that students need to have worked with a tutor to receive a verification form.


 What other resources are available in case I cannot come in during hours of operation?


Students who are unable to visit the centers for in-person tutoring can Math questions through the Math Online Lab. As with in-person tutoring, instead of simply solving a problem, tutors provide comments and feedback aimed at helping students understand what needs to be improved or developed. Students can also refer to the handout and workshop sections on this website for additional assistance.


For any other questions about tutoring services, please call 831-2144.