Student Success in Nursing

 Dean of Nursing

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Ms. Meagher
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"Success is the Only Option"

Thank you for your interest in the various nursing programs at El Paso Community College. We are committed to supporting you as you pursue your dream to become a nurse.

Dean of Nursing 

 The main programs that we offer are:

  • 2 Year Program for Registered Nursing
  • Transition Program (LVN to RN )
  • Vocational Nursing Program
  • Vocational Nursing Multiple Entry and Exit Program
  • High School Vocational Nursing Programs at Silva (Jefferson) and Bel Air
  • Paramedic to RN Program


 Faculty Education Resources


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Welcome to the El Paso Community College School of Nursing!

The RN Program is located in the new Health and Science Building, right across the street from the main Rio Grande Campus and the LVN Program is located at the Mission del Paso Campus. Our department offers many opportunities in health care; completion of the program can allow for success as a Registered or Vocational Nurse. Also located in the Health and Science Building is our Border Health Clinic, which not only serves our faculty, staff and students, but the entire community as well. This offers a Dental Clinical, Sonography Clinic, and a Primary Care Clinic which is staffed by a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who is part of the nursing faculty. The Primary Care Clinic offers unique training opportunities for our nursing students.

We have currently completed our first cohort for Paramedic to RN and will admit a second cohort for Fall 2009. I am also pleased to announce that the first cohort for our 14 week Tri Semester (2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters) program will be piloted this fall as well. To be eligible for this program, the students must have already completed the first semester of the nursing program. This program makes the summer into a semester, which creates 3 semesters which are 14 weeks long. This allows the students to complete the nursing program in a shortened amount of time.

Another great change that we are currently expecting is the implementation of a Simulation Lab for Nursing. This lab houses a high fidelity simulation family which includes Sim-Man, Sim-Kid, Sim-Baby and Noella who can actually give birth to a baby. These high fidelity manikins are computer operated and have the appearance of being a live human being complete with eye movements, chest wall movement, heart sounds, breath sounds, bowel sounds, pulses, and blood pressures which will allow for hands on training with hospital-type equipment. They have the capability of responding appropriately to the treatments that are carried out on them. If the treatments are not correct they will respond with a deteriorating condition. By the fall semester, this lab should be up and running.

You cannot find better training anywhere. Our faculty and staff are ready to assist you in your future endeavors. Our faculty comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities; they have expertise in all areas of nursing. Many of the faculty have been here for over 20 years and are expert instructors; each and every one of them is committed to educating nursing.