Student Success in Nursing

 Computer Lab Hours

Monday 8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

 Nursing CD Upon Request



-Basic Nursing Skills: Risk Management
-Basic Nursing Skills: Activity and Exercise
-Basic Nursing Skills: Self-Care Facilitation
-Basic Nursing Skills: Immobility Management
-Basic Nursing Skills: Skin / Wound Management
-Intermediate & Advanced Nursing Skills: Elimination Management
-Intermediate & Advanced Nursing Skills: Drug Management
-Intermediate & Advanced Nursing Skills: Tissue Perfusion Management
-Intermediate & Advanced Nursing Skills: Nutrition Support
-Intermediate & Advanced Nursing Skills: Respiratory Management
-Taylor - Module 1: Vital Sign
-Taylor- Module 2: Asepsis
-Taylor- Module 3: Oral and Topical Medications
-Taylor- Module 4: injectable Medication
-Taylor- Module 5: Intravenous Medications
-Taylor- Module 6: Perioperative Nursing
-Taylor- Module 8: Skin Integrity and Wound Care
-Taylor- Module 9: Activity
-Taylor- Module 10: Nutrition
-Taylor- Module 11: Urinary Elimination (not Available)
-Taylor- Module12: Indwelling and Intermittent Catheters
-Taylor- Module 13: Bowel Elimination
-Taylor- Module14: Oxygenation
-Taylor- Module:15: Tracheostomy Care
-Taylor- Module16: Intravenous Therapy (Not Available)
-Taylor- Module 17: Central Venous Access Devices
-Taylor- Module 7: Hygiene

 Nursing Installed


-Communication Skills: Identifying Underlying Anxiety
-Communication Skills: Building Rapport and Trust
-PDS: Med-Surg Mania
-PDS: Nursing Scenarios
-Physical Assessment
-Davis Drug Guide
-Fundamentals of Nursing
-Delmar: Basic Care Nursing Skills - CD
-Delmar: Intermediate Care Nursing Skills - CD
-Delmar: Critical Care / Surgical Care Nursing Skills - CD
-Delmar: Special Procedures Nursing Skills - CD
-Delmar: Fluids and Electrolytes - CD
-Virtual Clinical Excursions (Medical Surgical) - CD
-Virtual Clinical Excursions (General Hospital) - CD
-ESHA: Eat Right Analysis
-Insulin Therapy
-RN Cat Plus-9.2.3
-Delmar: IV Therapy Skills

 Computer Lab

Health Science Computer Lab (H - 217)

Lab Rules
No Loud Talking
Please turn off your cell phone while in the lab
No Food Or Drink allowed in the Lab

Lab Assistant
Bertha S. Auckland
(915) 831-4521

 Health/Science Installed


-Anatomy and Physiology: 8 System Suite
-Biology: Campbell and Reese
-Physio EX 6.0: Lab Experiments
-Delmar: Dental Assisting - A Comprehensive Approach
-Physio Tools

 Nursing DVD's


-Bates Visual Guide 1: Head, Eyes and Ears
-Bates Visual Guide 2: Nose, Mouth and Neck
-Bates Visual Guide 3: Thorax and Lungs
-Bates Visual Guide 4: Cardiovascular - Neck and Heart
-Bates Visual Guide 5: Cardiovascular - Peripheral Vascular System
-Bates Visual Guide 6: Breasts and Axillae
-Bates Visual Guide 7: Abdomen
-Bates Visual Guide 8: Male Genitalia, Hernias, Rectum and Prostrate
-Bates Visual Guide 9: Female Genitalia, Anus and Rectum
-Bates Visual Guide 10: Musculoskeletal System
-Bates Visual Guide 11: Nervous System - Cranial Nerves and Motor System
-Bates Visual Guide 12: Nervous System - Sensory System and Reflexes
-Bates Visual Guide 13: The Approach to the Patient
-Bates Visual Guide 14: Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Adult
-Bates Visual Guide 15: Assessment of the Infant
-Bates Visual Guide 16: Assessment of the Child
-Treatment and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers
-Transition to Palliative Care
-Team Approach to Palliative Care
-Bereavement Issues in Palliative Care



Software Available Some of the installed software requires a CD to be run! If there is a CD following the software title below ask the lab assistants and they will give you the necessary media.