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 Quality Enhancement Task Force

The Quality Enhancement Task Force has been created to sort through suggestions for the QEP, narrow the topic, create the SLOs and assessment, and make sure the plan is ready for implementation in 2012. For more information, please contact Grace Haddox at qep@epcc.edu or any of the Task Force members.

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The Focus Groups conducted during the spring 2012 semester determined that the topic for EPCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan is “Learning about the Community as a Community.” During the fall semester, a draft of Student Learning Outcomes was created and a call for pilot projects went out. Nineteen teachers are piloting projects about the community, and students’ progress will be assessed through self-reporting a rubric completed by the piloting professor.

QEP_Pilot_Project_Meeting_March_2012.pdfQEP Pilot Project Meeting March 2012
QEP_Pilot_Proposals.pdfQEP Pilot Proposals
QEP_Pilot_Request_Form.pdfQEP Pilot Request Form
QEP_Pilot_Teachers.pdfQEP Pilot Teachers
QEP_Recommended_SLO.pdfQEP Recommended Student Learning Outcomes
QEP_Survey_Learning_about_the_Community.pdfQEP Survey - Learning about the Community as a Community


The Quality Enhancement Task Force created a survey in fall 2010 that reflected faculty suggestions for a possible QEP. The survey was posted in both English and Spanish and was sent via e-mail to all faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty_Suggestions.pdfQEP Faculty Suggestions
Survey_English.pdfQEP Survey - English
Survey_Spanish.pdfQEP Survey - Spanish

 Survey Results

The results of the survey showed that faculty, staff, students, and administration were most interested in pursuing a topic that covers academics and programs, the learning environment, or student / teacher communication.

QEP_Survey_Results.pdfQEP Survey Results


Focus Groups will run during the Spring 2011 semester to narrow these general fields to a topic for the QEP.

If you would like to see the progress of the task force, please view the minutes of our meetings.

QEP_Task_Force_Meeting_February_2012.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting February 2012
QEP_Task_Force_Meeting_March_2012.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting March 2012
QEP Task Force Minutes - March 1 2011.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting March 2011
QEP_Task_Force_Minutes_-_April_12_2011.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting April 2011
QEP_Task_Force_Meeting_November_2011.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting November 2011
QEP_Task_Force_Meeting_September_2011.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting September 2011
QEP_Task_Force_Mtg_May_2010.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting May 2010
QEP_Task_Force_Mtg_Oct_2010.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting October 2010
QEP_Task_Force_Mtg_Nov_2010.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting November 2010
QEP_Task_Force_Mtg_Sept_2010_.pdfQEP Task Force Meeting September 2010