Course Based Undergraduate Research Experiences

 Fall 2017

  • Dr. Maria Castillo at NMSU is collaborating with Dr. Carolina Chianelli, Dr. Miguel Vasquez and Mr. Diego Reyes to implement the following research project in BIOL 1106 courses at Transmountain, Mission del Paso and Northwest Campuses: This BIOL 1106 course will encompass a semester-long research project sequencing genes coding for proteins with a role in the immune system of snails, such as Biomphalaria glabrata. Students in this alternative 1106 course will perform relevant research by collecting, analyzing, and presenting their research results. Students will isolate snail RNA and synthesize cDNA. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) will then be utilized to amplify DNA coding for proteins believed to have a role in snails’ resistance to Schistosoma infections. PCR amplicons will then be prepared for sequencing (DNA sequencing to be performed off-site). Students in this section are expected to keep a meticulous research notebook since our aim is to publish this data in the future.

  • Dr. Delfina Dominguez at UTEP is collaborating with Dr. Victoria Ochoa and Mr. Diego Escobar to implement the following research project in BIOL 1106 and 1107 courses at Rio Grande Campuses. These courses will isolate and identify bacteria from the Rio Grande River and from air and surfaces of select sites in downtown El Paso. Antibiotic resistance patterns of isolates as well as identification of genetic elements responsible for antibiotic resistance will be determined. Students will learn microbiological techniques and molecular biology techniques including DNA analyses and PCR.

  • Dr. Nicole Pietrasiak at NMSU is collaborating with Dr. Gertrud Konings to implement research in BIOL 1106 at Transmountain Campus on CO2 analyses to study photosynthesis in native plants including cacti.