Promotional Items

Most promotional items such as shirts, pens, cups, and other items have incorporated into them the College’s logo and other trademarks. Since it is in the best interest of the College that the College’s logo and other trademarks always be reproduced correctly on all items, the Marketing & Community Relations Department (Marketing) has created standards for all of the College’s logos and trademarks, and that Department controls the use of these standards diligently.

Each requisition for the purchase of promotional items that will use the College’s logo or other trademarks is sent by the Purchasing & Contract Management Department to the Marketing Department for review and approval before purchase. Please help ensure that this process takes place by specifying, when entering the requisition in Banner, that the items to be purchased will be using the College’s logo. You may do so by including the words “with logo” or “with trademarks” on the requisition’s “document text” or “item text” sections. Also, please allow extra time for this review process to take place.

Click on either of the Region XIX contracts below for a list of available promotional items contract vendors.

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