One of the more important things to remember about ordering furniture is that it often has a long lead-time for delivery, sometimes eight weeks or more. Please keep that in mind when entering your requisition.

A second thing to remember is that many furniture items require a very specific description. This description is sometimes imbedded into the model number. The model number for a simple office chair, for example, can include information about the various adjustment features (or lack thereof), the density of the cushion, the fabric design, the color of the fabric, etc. When entering the requisition, please pay special attention to ensure you are entering the information for the item you need exactly as it appears on the quote you accepted.

Not everything sold by the vendors listed below is on a College-approved purchasing cooperative contract. This is very important because we are limited by state competitive procurement laws on the purchase of items that are NOT on a College-approved purchasing cooperative contract. Therefore, when making large furniture purchases, approach these vendors with your needs and remind them to quote items that are on College-approved purchasing cooperative contracts. A list of the College-approved purchasing cooperatives can be found by clicking ‚ÄúCompetitive Procurements‚ÄĚ on the left margin.

The furniture contract vendors appear below.


Automated Office & Industrial Systems88000124David
Business Interiors88000087Ed
Computer Comforts Inc88524943Vince J.
Contract Associates of El Paso, LLC88831845Sergio
Indeco Sales, Inc88284029Herb
Indoff, Inc.88769976Kim
Office Depot Business Services Division88000771James
Rio Grande BPSI88000125Jessica Mahlum915-544-8710 ext.
Virco, Inc88203637Dylan Reilly800-448-4726 ext.