Computer Hardware & Peripherals

The specifications and warranty for all computers, computer monitors, scanners, printers, and copiers, must be approved by the Information Technology Division (IT) before purchase. Most software must also be similarly approved.

The Purchasing & Contract Management Department, once it receives a requisition for such a purchase through Banner, will send your requisition to IT for review and approval before any such purchase is made.

For questions on the Information Technology Division’s standards, please visit their website or call the IT Help Desk at (915) 831-6440.

The computer hardware and peripherals contract vendors appear below.

 Apple Inc. DIR-TSO-3789 Expires 11/7/2019

Apple Computer, Inc.88203862Laura

 Dell Marketing LP DIR-TSO-3763 Expires 1/10/2020

Dell Marketing LP88000681Julie

 Microsoft Corporation DIR-TSO-3373 Expires 12/10/2018

Microsoft Corporation88202986Paul

 CSP #16-014 Expires 7/31/2019

SHI Government Solutions, Inc.88000225Customer

 HP, Inc. DIR-TSO-4159 Expires 9/28/2020

CDW Government, Inc. 88000318Kendall
Checkpoint Services Inc.88000127Jim
Decision Tree, Inc.88369404Bryan De
Desert Communication88000092Shanna
GovConnection, Inc.88352889Laura
PCM-G88194804Daniel Lerma800-700-1000
SHI Government Solutions, Inc.88000225Customer
Southern Computer Warehouse88774743Eric Craig877-468-6729
Zones, Inc.88278393Jade