Services Agreement

Procedure: A Services Agreement is used to contract individuals to provide services (as opposed to companies). However, if the individual is not in Banner's Vendor Database, he or she must complete a Complete Payee Addition Request Packet for Individuals (PDF). That packet comes to the Purchasing & Contract Management Department and must include every form in the packet, completed and signed, including the IRS Form W-9. The Services Agreement and the Vendor Addition Request Packet for Individuals must be completed and returned before the services are rendered.

(For services rendered by companies, organizations, groups, etc., please submit a requisition in banner instead.)

  • Services Agreement (under $50,000) submit to Purchasing.
  • Services Agreement ($50,000 and over) requires Board approval prior to submitting to purchasing.
  • Contracts for services shall be issued and signed by the buyer prior to services being rendered. The buyer is the last person to sign.
  • In selecting a contractor, the responsible Budget Head shall base the choice on demonstrated competence and knowledge, qualifications, and on the reasonableness of the proposed fee. All service agreements shall be accompanied by a quote or proposal from the prospective contractor. The scope of work must be indicated in the "Recitals" section of the form.
  • All contracts shall specify the nature of the service, dollar amount, and date services will be rendered. If applicable, the contract must specify special payment requirements.
  • Special grant conditions shall be considered when selecting a contractor. For grants where a specific contractor is requested and the dollar amount is $50,000 or more, the name of the contractor shall appear on the Board agenda abstract.
  • Contract documents shall be submitted to the Purchasing & Contract Management Department.
  • Authorization for Payment of services Form (PDF) shall be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department.
  • A completed IRS Form W-9 (PDF), signed by the vendor, shall also be submitted to Accounts Payable. This is separate from the one in the "Vendor Addition Request Packet for Individuals.
  • A copy of the processed Services Agreement will be forwarded to the requestor by the Purchasing & Contract Management Department.
  • Changes to the Services Agreement shall be requested through a memorandum signed by the Budget Head. A copy of the amended agreement will be sent to the contractor and the requestor.
  • The requestor shall contact the Purchasing & Contract Management Department and communicate any changes, additions or problems related to vendor performance.
  • If federal funds will be used to pay for the services, in whole or in part, the Services Agreement Using Federal Funds form must be used, instead of the Services Agreement form.
  • Please note: District employees (full-time or part-time) may not be contracted to provide services through this process, in compliance with Board Policy 3.05.06.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Purchasing & Contract Management Department at (915) 831-6505.

Services Agreement (PDF)
Services Agreement Using Federal Funds (PDF)