About Us

The Purchasing & Contract Management Department is responsible for district-wide procurement of goods and services, contracting and risk management. Purchasing policies, procedures and processes must comply with state law provisions of the Texas Education Agency Code Subchapter B, Purchases & Contracts. All purchases are awarded on the basis of "best value" or "most highly qualified," in the best interest of the District. Competitive Solicitations are processed utilizing best business practices. Many purchases are conducted by utilizing a variety of existing "cooperative agreements."

 Director, Purchasing & Contract Management

Ruben C. Gallardo, C.P.M.
Room A147G
Telephone: (915) 831-6306
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: rgalla16@epcc.edu

Mr. Gallardo oversees all the activities of the Purchasing & Contract Management staff. The director ensures that all purchasing related processes are in compliance with the provisions of established statutes at the State and Federal level, as well as El Paso County Community College District established policies and procedures. Mr. Gallardo also handles several commodities primarily in the insurance area, and is responsible for overseeing all vendor agreements resulting from competitive solicitations. Additionally, the director ensures that the District's purchasing processes meet current business standards and ensures processes are conducted in an efficient and effective manner.

 Associate Director

Debbie Espinoza, CPPB
Room A147J
Telephone: (915) 831-6309
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: despino8@epcc.edu

Ms. Espinoza is responsible for assisting the Director with planning, organizing, staffing and directing purchasing services to include procurement and contract related initiatives. Ms. Espinoza is responsible for managing all procurement activity related to her assigned commodities in support of instruction and operations for the District.

 Purchasing Systems Assistant

Rebecca Vasquez
Room A147L
Telephone: (915) 831-6310
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: rvasqu45@epcc.edu

Ms. Vasquez provides database training, processes purchasing requisitions and all reports associated with purchasing transactions. Becky also researches and identifies financial database system related needs, and trouble-shoots issues relating to the financial database as well as issues pertaining to the purchasing transactions. She is the resident expert on requisition and purchase order flow within the Banner Financial Database.

 Purchasing Specialist

Liz Ontiveros
Room A147H
Telephone: (915) 831-6505
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: eontiv11@epcc.edu

Ms. Ontiveros is responsible for the vendor master input and database maintenance for vendor accounts. This is the operation that adds vendors to our database, after a requisition or Services Agreement is received. She receives all vendor master forms to review, update, and generate vendor records. She is also responsible for administering and monitoring, district-wide, all aspects of major contracts including the District's insurance policies and claims. She coordinates the use of off-campus facilities for instructional purposes, and processes Services Agreements for the District.  Additionally, Liz serves as a resource and support person to the Purchasing & Contract Management director, and District staff who process purchasing transactions.

 Purchasing File Clerk

Zaida Jimenez
Room A147K
Telephone: (915) 831-6307
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: zjimene1@epcc.edu

Ms. Jimenez is responsible for the filing and maintaining of all of Purchasing a Contract Management Department's records. Additionally, Zaida also serves as a support person to the Department and college staff.


Luis Cervantes
Room A147C
Telephone: (915) 831-6311
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: lcervan2@epcc.edu

Cassandra Guevara
Room A147I
Telephone: (915) 831-6305
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: cgueva11@epcc.edu

Buyers are responsible for managing all procurement activity related to their assigned commodities in support of instruction and operations for the District.

 Procurement Analyst

Al Trujillo
Room A147B
Telephone: (915) 831-6550
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: atruji20@epcc.edu

Mr. Trujillo is responsible for auditing and evaluating the purchasing activities and events required to complete the entire competitive solicitation process. He is responsible for compiling, reviewing and revising specifications, to also include processing competitive solicitations for construction, engineering, architectural and other capital improvement projects for the District. In addition, he also has buying responsibilities.

 Bid Analyst

Mary Jauregui
Room A147E
Telephone: (915) 831-6430
Fax: (915) 831-6490 
Email: mlaird@epcc.edu

The Bid Analyst is responsible for the processing of all competitive solicitations and works with the buyers and director in ensuring the process is documented and that all required documents are processed efficiently.

 Purchasing Clerk

Antonia Raygoza
Room A147L
Telephone: (915) 831-6304
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: araygoza@epcc.edu

Ms. Raygoza also processes and distributes all transactions related to the procurement process. Toni serves as a resource and support person to the buyers, the Purchasing & Contract Management director, and college staff who process purchasing transactions. Her position is key to the efficient and timely processing of purchasing requisitions and purchase orders.

 Customer Service Specialist

Jorge Hernandez
Room A147
Telephone: (915) 831-6496
Fax: (915) 831-6490
E-mail: jher1037@epcc.edu

Mr. Hernandez serves as the primary customer service contact for the Purchasing & Contract Management Department. He is also responsible for purchase order expediting and follow-up calls to vendors for all purchase orders. He also works closely with the Shipping and Receiving Department to resolve any discrepancies pertaining to purchase orders.