Degrees and Certificates

Options for Learning:


EPCC offers over 130 programs of study to earn an Associates of Applied Science (AAS), Associates of Science (AS), Associates of Arts (AA) degree or Certificates of Completion.

2+2 Options are available. Students are guaranteed admission to a four year college with full junior level status.

Not all majors which are available at four-year or upper-level colleges and universities are available at EPCC; however, students may prepare to transfer to a particular program at an upper-level institution by selecting the courses as specified by the degree plans developed in cooperation with Senior institutions to which students transfer.  Courses will transfer to any Texas college or university.

 Office of Recruitment & School Relations

The Office of Recruitment and School Relations at El Paso Community College participates in special activities which include addressing drop out issues, assisting special student populations, and promoting the Early Admission and Honors Program throughout the El Paso area High Schools to include private and Chartered Schools.


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 Continuing Ed / Workforce Dev

At EPCC, it is our mission to provide educational opportunities and lifelong learning experiences to enhance, promote and develop a higher quality of life for the community. 
In addition to credit programs, EPCC offers alternate non-credit classes, vocational training, business programs, career development courses, health occupation certification courses, kid and teen interest classes, business service resources, personal enrichment and online education for the lifelong learning needs of the community.
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 Gainful Employment

Beginning July 1, 2011, the U.S. Department of Education required colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that prepares students for “gainful employment” in a recognized occupation.  The information provided may be helpful as you make career and educational choices.

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 Degree Programs

 Dual Credit

El Paso Community College offers fundamental core courses to qualified high school seniors and juniors in the High School campuses during daytime periods. Students receive both high school credit and college credit for the courses they take in the dual credit program.


The college class is a replacement rather than an addition. Students take just one class-the college class-and get both high school and college credit for it. The courses are taught by certified college school instructors who have been approved by the appropriate El Paso Community College academic departments.


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 Distance Education

EPCC offers many alternatives to take classes by extending the campus to students in a way that is convenient and effective. EPCC uses several different technologies to teach students at a distance including Online/Internet courses, Hybrid courses, Video Conferencing courses, and Virtual College of Texas.


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