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I am proud to announce that the El Paso Community College Leadership Development Academy is now celebrating its eighth year anniversary with the Class of 2012 and is now accepting applications for the Leadership Development Academy Class of 2013, which will run from January through December 2013.


Previous Academy classes have enjoyed very successful years and have certainly set the standards high for future academy participants.

The goal of the Academy is to develop leadership qualities, characteristics and skills for employees currently in positions of leadership and for those striving to advance into these positions.  For Academy participation, position of leadership is defined as having the official responsibility for staffing, workload assignment, and performance evaluation for others, serving as an officer in an EPCC employee association, or service as a student club advisor.

The Academy offers two tracks of training.  Track I, Fundamentals of Leadership, is open to all full-time and part-time employees.  Track II, Advanced Leadership, is open to all full-time employees who currently hold positions of leadership.  Each track consists of instructional modules presented in four-hour increments each month, and a two-day summer retreat.  In order to be considered for the Academy you must submit an Application for Admission and a Supervisor’s Statement of Support.  I encourage all employees to consider applying for the Class of 2013.


I congratulate the Leadership Development Academy Committee for their dedication in structuring the academy and their continued commitment to this effort.  I strongly support the academy and I am committed to making it a training opportunity of which we can all be proud. For more information, visit the Leadership Development Academy website at



William Serrata, Ph.D.