Hispanic Heritage

 Diversity Programs: Hispanic Heritage Committee

Hispanic Heritage Month is the celebration of people of diverse Spanish-speaking backgrounds in the United States. Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 to October 15. El Paso Community College hosts special programs, events, and cultural exhibits to celebrate the heritage, culture, and contributions of Hispanic Americans.


Celebration of Hispanic Heritage began in 1968 with PUBLIC LAW 90-498, Approved September 17, 1968, 90th Congress, which designated the week including September 15 and 16 as "National Hispanic Heritage Week." Hispanic Heritage Week was selected to coincide with Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua's Independence Day celebrations on September 15, and Mexico's on September 16.


Hispanic Americans play an important role in shaping America and our community. El Paso Community College celebrates the influence of the Hispanic culture in American life.

 13th Annual Celebration

Diversity Programs is looking for volunteers to help with the 13th annual, 2014 Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. The first planning meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 11 from 3:00 to 5:00 at ASC, room A201; the boardroom conference room.


The Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations are intended to educate the community through the arts, culture, literature and history. We need your support and participation to make the festivities a success. We have been very fortunate and thankful for the dedication and hard work the committee has shown in the past. 


We need your help in the following areas:


Program & Entertainment, Marketing & Publicity,  Hospitality, Events Logistics, Exhibitors/Vendors, Mentor Selection, Scholarship, Facilities & Security, Decorations & Set Up, and Sponsorship


The first order of business will be to develop a theme for this year’s program. If you would like to participate in the 13th Annual Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations please contact the Diversity Programs office at 831-3324.


Thank you for your support


 Contact Us

For more information about the El Paso Community College Hispanic Heritage Celebration, please contact:

Olga C. Chavez, M.A.; L.P.C.,

Director; Diversity Programs,

Hispanic Heritage Committee Chair

Office: 915.831.3322

Fax: 915.831.3326

Email: ochave30@epcc.edu

Aida Black

Administrative Associate

Office: 915.831.3324

Fax: 915.831.3326

Email: ablack2@epcc.edu