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 Alanis Family

Alanis Family

We have started a Mary D. Alanis Memorial Scholarship to honor our beloved daughter and committed educator who had a passion for teaching and seeing students succeed. Mary went above and beyond for her students and we would like to do the same.

Our daughter, Mary D. Alanis, had been on the faculty of EPCC for about ten years, when, in 2005, her doctors discovered a 4 1/2 cm tumor pressing on her brain. Within 10 months she had undergone two surgeries to remove as much as possible of the tumor - - one 18 hours and the other 15 hours. After each surgery she diligently worked through all her therapies and because of her desire to teach returned to the classroom each time. Her doctors declared her a glowing success for which we, her family, were most thankful.

Unfortunately, on October 17, 2007 while teaching a late afternoon class at EPCC, she collapsed and passed away in spite of much effort to revive her.

She was not alone and she was doing what she loved the most, teaching. For that we, her family, are so very grateful. It seemed fitting to use her estate to further her work - - her love of teaching, convincing students that no matter what their focus, they could succeed in the mathematics.

So we decided to create a scholarship called the Mary D. Alanis Memorial Mathematics Scholarship because mathematics was her field, but mathematics does not necessarily need to be the field of study for scholarship recipients, Mary used mathematics to promote her message: “Always do your best, make improvements if needed, keep striving. You will be successful.”

So apply for the scholarship and give us the opportunity to further Mary's love of learning and teaching.

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