Faculty Development

 Spring 2017 Faculty Development Week

Faculty Development Week

Spring 2017

January 9-13, 2017 

Greetings, Faculty and Staff:


It’s almost time to begin another academic year.  We hope that you are enjoying the winter break, pursuing activities that allow you to reenergize and de-stress.  


Below is the workshop and meeting schedule for the spring 2017 Faculty Development Week. Check these pages often during the week of January 9-13 for cancellations and other changes.


Happy New Year! Have a great semester!


Faculty Development Week schedule (PDF)

Faculty Development Office Welcome (PDF)

Guided Pathways Session, Dr. Rob Johnstone (Monday)  (PDF)

Faculty Coordinators Meetings (PDF)

New Faculty Program - EXPO (PDF)

Monday - January 9 Workshops (PDF)

Tuesday - January 10 Workshops (PDF)

Tuesday - Tenure Track Workshops (PDF)

Wednesday - January 11 Workshops (PDF)

Wednesday - Critical Thinking Workshops (PDF)

Thursday - January 12 Workshops (PDF)

Thursday - Division & Discipline Meetings (PDF)

District-Wide Discipline Meetings (PDF)

Early Alert Schedule (PDF)

Transcript Request Information (PDF)


If you need a transcript of workshops you have ATTENDED, please contact Haydee Estrada at 831-2542.  Send an email request to CTR@epcc.edu; include your ID# and phone number. 


If you are requesting a list of workshops you have PRESENTED, please send an email to facultydevelopment@epcc.edu.  Thank you.



Workshops presented/attended before or after Faculty Development week cannot substitute for required attendance at two workshops for full-time faculty and one for adjunct faculty during Faculty Development Week. Such workshops will be granted faculty development credit, if they meet one or more of the Coordinating Board (CB) descriptions for credit, as ongoing workshops for Spring 2017.


 On-Going Workshops

On-Going Faculty Development Workshop(s) available to all employees:



*In order to receive Faculty Development credit for your workshop, please allow at least 2-3 weeks advance notice.  Email your form for approval to Ruth Vise, rvise@epcc.edu; and Ana Resendez, anar@epcc.edu.  For questions, please contact Ruth Vise at ext. 8841.

 Information for New Faculty

To familiarize new faculty with the College, its mission and goals, instructional and student resources, and services available.

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 Faculty Leaves

Due to economic budget constraints, ALL leaves have been suspended until further notice.


Proposals may be submitted for externships, special projects and educational leaves for one to two semesters.

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 Mini Grants and Guest Lecture

Provide faculty with guidelines for processing and implementing short-term faculty professional development projects or guest lectures.

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 28th Annual Southwest Seminar

28th Southwest Seminar for Great Teaching

October 27- October 29, 2016

Inn and Spa at Loretto Santa Fe, NM


"Educators Empowering Educators"


This Southwest Seminar for Great Teaching is based on the premise that college faculty are a rich resource that needs to be tapped via a format which encourages learning from each other. The Southwest Seminar for Great Teaching takes a participant-centered focus that allows those in attendance to determine much of the content. Thus, unlike traditional conferences, there are few presenter lead sessions. Instead, the participants are actively involved in each session in that they are asked to reflect upon their experiences and contribute their ideas to the topic at hand.


Register for the Seminar by October 10, 2016 (MS Word)

Southwest Seminar brochure (PDF)

Credit Card Payment Form (MS Word)


Email your registration form to AnaR@epcc.edu OR Aestrad9@epcc.edu or mail to:


El Paso Community College

ATTN: Faculty Development Office

P.O. Box 20500

El Paso, Texas 79998-0500

Office: (915) 831-2201

Fax: (915) 831-2155


DATES: October 27-29, 2016

The seminar will open with an orientation session and dinner on the evening of the 27th. On Friday, October 28th, breakfast will be provided followed by morning sessions and a luncheon at 12:15 p.m. Participants will have the afternoon off as free time to explore the Santa Fe area. At 7 p.m. we will reconvene to finalize the Saturday morning participant created sessions followed by dinner. On Saturday, October 29th, breakfast will be provided followed by morning sessions until noon.


Learn more

 Contact Us

Ana Resendez

Administrative Associate


anar@epcc.edu and aestrad9@epcc.edu

Myrna Munoz




The Faculty Development office is located at:

Valle Verde Campus

Room A2419

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 Faculty Development Booklets

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