Faculty Development

 Faculty Development Week

Spring 2018 Faculty Development Week

Spring Faculty Development January 14-18, 2019

Workshop proposals are due on or before Monday, October 22nd. Late proposals will not be accepted.

  • (MS Word) Click here for memo from Ruth Vise, Faculty Development Coordinator
  • (MS Word) Click here for proposal form

Please call the Faculty Development Office at (915) 831-2201 for further assistance.

 30th Annual Southwest Seminar

30th Southwest Seminar for Great Teaching

November 1st - November 3rd, 2018

Inn and Spa at Loretto Santa Fe, NM

"Reflecting On Our Experiences: Teachers As Experts"

 On-Going Workshops

On-Going Faculty Development Workshop(s) available to all employees:



*In order to receive Faculty Development credit for your workshop, please allow at least 2-3 weeks advance notice.  Email your form for approval to Ruth Vise, rvise@epcc.edu; and Ana Resendez, anar@epcc.edu.  For questions, please contact Ruth Vise at ext. 8841.

 Information for New Faculty

To familiarize new faculty with the College, its mission and goals, instructional and student resources, and services available.

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 Mini Grants and Guest Lecture

Provide faculty with guidelines for processing and implementing short-term faculty professional development projects or guest lectures.

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 Contact Us

Ana Resendez

Administrative Associate



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The Faculty Development office is located at:

Valle Verde Campus

Room C429

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