Faculty Development

 New Faculty Orientation

To familiarize new faculty with the College, its mission and goals, instructional and student resources, and services available. A series of instructional workshops are also provided.

Meetings are held several days prior to the beginning of each semester to acquaint faculty with the College's facilities, services, and instructional strategies. Follow-up sessions are held as needed.

The New Faculty Survival Handbook is available online as well as hard copy and is intended to provide the basic "survival" information any new EPCC instructor needs to know.


Faculty Survival Handbook (PDF)

 New Faculty Information Expo

It is hosted by the Office of Faculty Development and the Mentoring Program and is held during the fall and spring New Faculty Orientation. Representatives from various programs and organizations are available to provide information and answer questions.

Some of the organizations that may be represented during the Expo:


  • Center for Students with Disabilities
  • Honors Program
  • Tutorial Services
  • The Office of Faculty Development
  • Co-Op Education Job Placement
  • Border Learning Conference
  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
  • Service Learning Program
  • Technology Resource Center
  • Distance Education
  • Library
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Tejano Tribune
  • Speech Club
  • Testing Services

 Master Teacher Program

Objectives: The program provides EPCC faculty the opportunity to refine and expand their instructional strategies and tactics through classroom observation, reflection and communication.

Rewards of Participation: Personal satisfaction, sense of professional responsibility, increased confidence and professional growth in instructional effectiveness; and connection with fellow instructors from different disciplines.

Benefits of Participation: Enhanced instructional effectiveness, increased student and faculty satisfaction, community building within EPCC.

The Master Teacher Program will remain open to all adjunct and full-time faculty.

Persons interested in participating in this program are encouraged to attend the master teacher program workshop being offered during fall faculty development. If you have previously attended the master teacher workshop, then it is not necessary to attend this session. Persons unable to attend the workshop may still apply. Attached is an application form and more info on the program. Feel free to contact either Janine Rudnick at ext. 4039 or Trevor Duarte at ext. 2459 for more information. Send the completed application form to Ms. Ana Resendez at aestrad9@epcc.edu. The deadline for applying is August 31, 2018.

If you would like to join us in our efforts, please contact us at 831-4039 or 831-2497, or just join us at our next meeting.