Faculty Development

 Mini Grants and Guest Lecture

Objective: To provide faculty with guidelines for processing and implementing short- term faculty professional development projects or guest lectures.



General Provisions

  1. Mini-grants are available to all full-time faculty members who have completed one year of employment with the District.
  2. Mini-grant applications may be submitted at any time, but applications submitted after May 1 will not be reviewed by the Faculty Professional Development Committee until the beginning of the following fall semester.
  3. A mini-grant is defined as a faculty professional development project that meets one of the following criteria:

    • Supports the instructional mission of the El Paso County Community College District.
    • Supports the development/implementation of new teaching techniques.
    • Addresses educational problems or issues faced by the District faculty, students or the greater community.
  4. Compensation. Faculty participants will be compensated equal to or less than the equivalent of three credit hours overload compensation. See the Faculty Development web site for further information or details.

  5. Completion. The project will be completed according to the timelines presented in the proposal.

Application Process

  1. Completion of the Faculty Professional Development Mini-Grant Application Form (attached to this procedure) that is also available from the Faculty Development Office.
  2. Attaching supporting documents or complete proposals as necessary.
  3. Submitting the application to the supervisor.
  4. Informing the appropriate Leadership Team of the grant proposal. (Supervisor takes the proposal to the Leadership Team.)
  5. Forwarding the application with the supervisor’s recommendation to the Faculty Development Office.
  6. Receiving the Faculty Professional Development Committee recommendation within 30 to 45 days of application submission, academic schedule permitting, unless the Committee requires additional information.


Within thirty days of completing the mini-grant, the recipients will submit a follow-up report to their supervisor with a copy to Personnel and the Faculty Development Office. Within sixty days of completing the mini-grant, the recipient and his/her supervisor will complete the follow-up assessment report. Copies of this report will be sent to the Faculty Development Office.

The recipient of a mini-grant will present his/her research or product at a workshop during the Faculty Development Week closest to the completion of the project.