Faculty Development

 Office Faculty Coordinators

Joel Villademoros


(915) 831-4080 T, Th

(915) 831-2653 MWF

Joel is responsible for off-campus activities such as: the Southwest Seminar for Great Teaching, Faculty Retreat, Wellness Saturday, and the Spanish Immersion Program.

Celeste Favela


(915) 831-3368


Celeste is responsible for the College Recognition Dinner, New Faculty Orientation EXPO, Faculty Professional Development Committee, and all the Faculty Teaching Awards (Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award, Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Award, and the Faculty Achievement Teaching Award).

Janine Rudnick


(915) 831-4039

Janine coordinates the College Recognition dinner in May, designs and edits the faculty monthly newsletter, implements the mini-grants and guest lecture program, collaborates with the Faculty Professional Development Committee all the faculty awards and faculty leaves.

Ruth Vise


(915) 831-8841

Ruth is the coordinator for the Fall and Spring Faculty Development orientation week. Ruth also coordinates veteran faculty activities and on-going workshops.