Sulaiman Abushagur, Ph.D.

 Professor of Geology

Earth: our dynamic planet which has continuously changed during its 4.6 billion years of existence. The size, shape, and geographic distribution of the continents and ocean basins have changed throughout time, just like the atmosphere and biota. As we become increasingly aware of how fragile our planet is and how interdependent all of its various systems are, we recognize the disastrous effects that environmental pollution can have. We also understand that our natural resources are limited, and in most cases nonrenewable. These and other reasons, emphasize how important geology is to our everyday lives.



Graduated from The University of Texas with a Ph.D. in Geological Sciences, 1992


Dr. Sulaiman Abushagur


Teaching Philosophy:

Dr. Abushagur strongly believes that student-instructor interaction is essential in providing excellent educational opportunity for students. Maintaining high standards and utilizing current technology are very important in encouraging students to comprehend and major in sciences.



  • Bruce Davidson Award: In recognition of scholarly activity and leadership, UTEP, 1988-89.
  • Outstanding Achievement Award, EPCC, 2002.
  • Faculty achievement Award, EPCC 2006.
  • NAISOD Excellence Award Recipient, EPCC, 2006.
  • NAISOD Excellence Award Medallion, University of Texas at Austin, 2006.


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