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 Adjunct Instructor, Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation 1301

Rudy Castro

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This new presentation is a component of Blackboard9 and it allows the student interactive two-way communication with your instructor. By utilizing one of several engines in the internet capabilities, the virtual classroom sessions will be able to be conducted from any point in the country or the world.

Although these classes will operate on the same general principle of video conferencing, the blackboard component is still there for general assignments, projects and other requirements the instructor may need from you.

This new format will require you to comply with certain technical criteria before you even register for these classes.  On the right hand side you will find specific links that will detail the necessary components that your laptop, computer, tablet or whatever other device you will be using in accessing the virtual classroom.

You will have technical support from the office of Distance Learning as well as your instructors. These type of courses although online, will meet once a week at a designated time, and you will be logged in along with your instructor and classmates at the same time.

For a period of two hours  every week you will have two- way face to face interaction through your virtual component in which lecture will be discussed.


We welcome you to a whole new level of virtual education!



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