Osvaldo Rodriguez
Lecturer, Chemistry Department

 Courses I Teach

Chemistry 1411: General Chemistry I

Chemistry 1411 provides a sound foundation for advanced work in the natural sciences. Covers the quantitative aspects of the laws of chemistry and the behavior of chemical substances, atomic structure and chemical bonding, stoichiometry of chemical reactions, enthalpy changes and the nature of solids, liquids and gases.

Requirements: Chem 1204, one year of high school chemistry , and two years of high school algebra, or Math 0305.


Chemistry 1412: General Chemistry II

Chemistry 1412 is a continuation of Chem 1411. Topics include chemical kinetics, ionic equilibria, free energy charges in reactions and the equilibrium constant, oxidation-reduction and electrochemical cells and structure and bonding of simple coordination compounds.

Prerequisite: Chem 1411.


Chemistry 1407: Health Science Chemistry I

Chemistry 1407 covers the basic laws of chemistry including atomic theory and bonding, chemical equations, and calculations, equilibria, chemical energetics and the theory of acids and bases. Fulfills the laboratory science requirements for Health Science and related majors.
Requirements: One year of high school algebra or Math 0303 and one year of high school chemistry of Chem 1204.



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