Lucretia Thomas, CSR, RPR, CRI

 Professor of Court Reporting



Lucretia Thomas is a Court Reporting Instructor at the Northwest Campus. In May of 1992, she successfully passed the National Professional Reporters examination. In October of 1992, she successfully passed the Texas Certified Shorthand Reporters examination. For over ten years, she has worked as a freelance court reporter and as an official court reporter for the courts.

Lucretia Thomas


In June of 2000, she began teaching court reporting classes at EPCC on a part-time basis. Inspired by the experience of teaching students, she decided to complete her Associates Degree in hopes of someday being able to teach on a full-time basis. In December of 2002, she earned her Associates Degree of Applied Science in Court and Conference Reporting.


In August of 2005, she applied for and received the position of Instructor of the Court Reporting Program. She also serves as District-Wide Coordinator for the Court Reporting Program. She is a member of and in good standing with the Texas Court Reporters Association as well as the National Court Reporters Association.


In August of 2006, she attained the Legal Scopist Certificate from El Paso Community College. In June of 2009, she attained the Certified Reporting Instructor certification through the National Court Reporters Association. She presently serves on the Student Committee for the Texas Court Reporters Association. She is a member of the Teachers’ List Server in the State of Texas.


She is often asked, “What are court reporters and what do they do?” Court Reporters provide a service to our local government that is mandated by legal statute. Without certified court reporters, our judicial system as we know it would come to a screeching halt. Court Reporters play a vital role in the daily functioning of the American court system. Court Reporters are the keepers of the record, of all the evidence presented in the courtroom and they provide transcripts to aid in the decisions rendered by the Judge and the jury. There is a high demand for qualified court reporters in El Paso and throughout the United States.


Using state-of-art technology, court reporters capture the spoken word on a shorthand machine and then transcribe it to produce an accurate, verbatim record. The Court Reporting Program of El Paso Community College is prepared to train you for a profession which offers you the freedom and flexibility to choose the type of work you want to do to fit your individual lifestyle.


Here are a few career opportunities:

● Official Court Reporter
● Freelance Reporter
● Closed-Captioned


Because of the specialized training involved, prospective students should contact the Court Reporting Instructional Coordinator directly at 831-8834 for information regarding this program.




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