Emmanuel Ricardo Moreno

 Assistant Professor of Architecture

With an undergraduate Bachelor’s of Science in architecture degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Masters Degree from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mr. Moreno is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the El Paso Community College where he has been teaching for 10 years, 3 of which are in his current tenure track. He is also seeking to obtain his architectural license in the state of Texas. He has over 18 years of design experience, and a diverse architectural background including educational, commercial, and recreational facilities throughout the El Paso. In addition to his diverse architectural experience, Mr. Moreno has taught art at the University of Texas at El Paso. He has also taught several courses for Texas Tech University, College of Architecture in El Paso. Mr. Moreno has extensive photographs of both landscapes and Architecture. His work has been shown at the Art Faculty Shows at UTEP, TTU COA EP, The City of El Paso’s City hall in conjunction with the local AIA for Architectural and his photographs have been published in Texas Architect.


Emmanuel Ricardo Moreno



 Courses I Teach

ARCH 1311: Introduction to Architecture.

Introduces the elements of the architecture profession.  Requires outside assignments


ARCH 2312: Architectural Technology

Examines the principles and uses of building systems and materials. Requires outside assignments.


ARCH 1301: Architectural History I.

History of architecture from ancient times through the Romanesque and Gothic periods.


ARCH 1302: Architectural History II.

Surveys the history of architecture from the Renaissance through the Baroque and New Classic periods to the present.


ARCH 2301: Architectural Freehand Drawing I

Introduces basic skills and techniques in representational drawing, including translation of three-dimensional perception into graphic expression. Requires outside assignments


ARCH 2302: Architectural Freehand Drawing II

Emphasizes sketching of subjects with special interest for the architectural student: the human figure, architectural interiors and exteriors, landscapes, and cityscapes. Requires outside assignments.


ARCH 1403:  Architectural Design Studio I

Introduces architectural theories, perceptions, environmental factors, structural concepts, and architectural design principles with emphasis on three-dimensional concepts and development of graphic communication skills. Requires outside assignments.


ARCH   1404:, Architectural Design Studio II

Provides an advanced study of architectural theories, perceptions, environmental factors, structural concepts, and architectural design principles. Requires outside assignments.


ARCH: 2470: Architectural Design Studio III

Continues advanced studies of architectural theories, perceptions, environmental factors, structural concepts, site analysis, environmental impact and architectural design principles.



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