Rafael Escalante-Ruiz

 Computer Science Instructor

Rafael Escalante holds a Master's Degree from The University of Texas at El Paso where he worked with Natural Language Processing. Instructor Escalante has been with EPCC since 2011 and regularly imparts COSC1436, COSC1437, COSC2336, and COSC2425.

Instructor Escalante has extensive experience in creating and maintaining software systems in academia and industry. He knows about a dozen programming languages.


 Contact Information

Rafael Escalante-Ruiz
Computer Science Instructor
Office Ph: (915) 831-3246
Email: rescal10@epcc.edu

Web sites
PGP key: https://keybase.io/rafa

Valle Verde Campus
Room A1312
P.O. Box 20500 El Paso, TX 79998