Dual Credit

 Dual Credit Program

El Paso Community College demonstrates its continued support to the community of El Paso County by offering the Dual Credit classes at no cost to students. The Dual Credit Program at El Paso Community College offers fundamental core courses to qualified high school juniors and seniors while still enrolled in high school. The college class is a replacement rather than an addition as students take just one class, the college class, and get both high school and college credit for it. The courses are taught by certified college school instructors who have been approved by the appropriate El Paso Community College academic departments.  One of the goals of the program is to provide a positive collegiate learning experience for participating high school juniors and seniors.


  • Provides a head start on postsecondary core requirements

  • Lowers cost of college (credits earned are at no cost)

  • Extends the variety of classes available to high school students

  • Allows shared resources--college library, fine art performances, career development services, and much more

  • Provides greater opportunity for a coordinated education

  • Serves as a "controlled" introduction to college life

  • Allows an easier transition to college


 High School Administrators

Welcome to a New and Successful Academic Year 2015-16


The Dual Credit Program at El Paso Community College is happy to begin the year with a number of great online resources available to assist you in making the Dual Credit process effortless, efficient and fast.


Our website is easy to navigate and you can easily find and submit required forms, download handbooks, and search for the right contact.


For immediate assistance, look at our Contact Us page for the correct person to assist you.  For general information on the Dual Credit Program, you can contact us at dualcredit@epcc.edu.


Great News for Students and Parents,


 We have the updated 

Dual Credit Handbook for Students and Parents (PDF)


Dual Credit Handbook for Students & Parents