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 About Us

The Diversity Programs Office strives to foster and promote cultural awareness and respect not only among employees but among our students and the surrounding El Paso community. Our target is to educate and disseminate information that highlights and celebrates the numerous cultures which construct and impact our world.


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 Mission Statement

The mission of Diversity Programs is to recognize, cultivate, preserve, and respect our differences and foster positive and inclusive personal and professional opportunities.


 Vision Statement

Diversity Programs aims to promote an environment of mutual respect, acceptance, and equity, increase cultural awareness, embrace our differences, and share the wealth of backgrounds, cultures, talents and interests of our institution and the community it serves.



The Office of Institutional Research at EPCC provides detailed information about the college's demographics. To view this data on their website, please click here.


The City of El Paso provides detailed information of the city's demographics on their website. To view this data, please go to www.elpasotexas.gov


 Diversity Council

A Diversity Council comprised of EPCC employees and community members was created to examine the various facets of diversity at the College and to increase support for current and future Diversity Program activities. Our next meeting date is to be announced.


For more information or if you would like to participate, please call the Diversity Programs District Office at 831-3324.


 Our Office

District Office

Valle Verde Campus

Room B235

PO Box 20500

El Paso, TX 79998

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 Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us:


Olga C. Chavez, M.A., LPC

District Director

Office: (915) 831-3322

Fax: (915) 831-2849

Email: ochave30@epcc.edu


Michelle Chavez, M.Ed.

Project Coordinator

Office: (915) 831-2372

Email: moliva11@epcc.edu


Aida Black

Administrative Associate

Office: (915) 831-3324

Fax: (915) 831-3326

Email: ablack2@epcc.edu


Alex Arrellano

STS Intern

Office: (915) 831-2845


Ismael Prieto

Work Study

Office: (915) 831-2376


Tel: (915) 831-3323

 Training and Workshops

Employee, Faculty and Student Workshops 

Dates to be determined.

Description: A presentation defining diversity and its relationship to student success. There will be opportunities for students to dialogue and sign up for future activities. Open to first 40 students. Please call (915) 831-3324 to reserve your seat.