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The Center for Students with Disabilities provides students, regardless of disability, if otherwise qualified, an equal opportunity to complete their educational goal through the provision of accommodations based upon their individual disability.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

 Four Steps to Registering with CSD

  1. Complete the College Admissions Form (PDF).

  2. Complete the CSD Intake Form.

  3. Get documentation of your disability.

  4. Make an appointment with a CSD Counselor. Bring your forms and documentation.

 Assistive Technology Lab

The ATL lab includes a variety of software from programs required for course lab work to tutorials like PLATO. Students are welcome to use the computers for developing their paragraphs, essays and papers.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

El Paso Community College recognizes that disabled persons wish to pursue the full range of educational opportunities available at all campus locations and integrates people with disabilities into existing educational programs. To help students plan effectively for their college career, here are some answers to questions frequently asked by prospective students.

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 The Gateway to Accommodations

  • Counseling

  • Sign Language Interpreting

  • Note-taking/In-Class Scribe

  • Reader/Scribe

  • Tutoring

  • Testing Accommodations

 Accessing Services

The first step in the process for requesting services is to schedule an intake interview with a CSD Counselor. During this interview, the CSD Counselors give students information about appropriate accommodations based on their disability and classes they are taking. Students have an opportunity to discuss the implications of their disabilities and learning strategies.

Each campus site has a CSD Campus Coordinator who works with the CSD Counselors to facilitate smooth day-to-day operations and good communications within our department and college as a whole. The center provides comprehensive support services free of charge to students with disabilities.

For more detailed information on services, refer to the Student Handbook (pages 5-12).

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