Child Care Services

 Eligibility Requirements

  • A current student (academic level) at El Paso Community College
  • A minimum of 6 credits for the semester
  • Pursuing an Technical degree or Certificate
  • Cumulative GPA 2.5 or above
  • Academic Status is "Good Standing"
  • PELL recipient/eligible

Student must be registered for EPCC courses before requesting childcare assistance.

Childcare Assistance Program Application (PDF)

Please print and fill out the childcare application and return to any financial aid office. You may also scan form and email to

 Wait List

Students name will be added to the waiting list as they are received on a "first come, first serve" basis. Federal funds are limited, it is important to place your name on the waiting list as soon as you have completed your registration process. Since children are enrolled on a "first-come, first-served" basis, it is necessary to have a waiting list.

To place your name on the waiting list, please fill out the waiting list form indicating the desired admission date. You may choose to have your child's name removed from the waiting list at any time. Click here for the EPCC Childcare Assistance Waiting List - Online Application.

 Maintaining Eligibility

Child Care Services staff must be notified of any changes on student's academic status i.e., drop classes, drop from school, etc. You will be liable for day care cost if we are not notified.

Advise Child Care Services staff of any changes such as address or phone number or any other relevant change that affects this program.

Student must report any changes within 10 calendar days of the change to maintain their eligibility.

Failure to provide accurate timely information will result in termination of enrollment from Childcare program.

Eligibility is verified each semester. Child care is provided according to student’s school schedule. Students need to recertify for childcare eligibility by resubmitting the on-line application or e-mailing us at

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your child care eligibility is "ONLY" for the semester in which you are currently receiving childcare.

You must re-apply for each semester you plan to enroll your child in the child care assistance program after you have enrolled in the semester assistance is requested.