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2016/2017 Academic Year

Arvis Jones/Director/Student Leadership & Campus Life

Arvis C. Jones
Director of Student Leadership & Campus Life


Hello and welcome to El Paso Community College.  I am extremely pleased to welcome you to the Tejano family on "your campus", either for the first time, or back as a former student.  It is going to be an exciting year.


This is an exciting time in your educational journey and I encourage you to participate in all the opportunities EPCC has to offer that fosters your success academically and beyond.


Therefore, I ask you to partner with us in your education.  As part of this partnership, I have two requests:


1.  Be Active in Your Learning:  Commit to going to class on time and prepared, spend time with your instructors and fellow classmates.  Learning also occurs outside the classroom; be active by attending theatre productions, athletic events and community activities.


2.  Get Involved in Your College Experience:  We have over 40 student clubs and organizations that provide an opportunity for involvement.  The department of Student Leadership and Campus Life is a vital spot on the campus for you to visit.  This department offers opportunities for you to become involved in Student Government, become a Student Ambassador, or assume a leadership position early in a club and grow in your civic engagement.


We are so proud and honored to challenge and support you in your academic and social growth at EPCC.  Please share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas with us, we would love to hear them.  Welcome, good luck and have a great and wonderful day.




Arvis C. Jones, Director

Student Leadership & Campus Life