Student Leadership and Campus Life

 Student Handbook

2011/2012 Academic Year

Arvis Jones/Director/Student Leadership & Campus Life

Arvis C. Jones
Director of Student Leadership & Campus Life



I extend a warm welcome from El Paso Community College family to you, our new and returning students. We are glad you are here. You are entering a new academic year, which brings fresh opportunities to explore all that our college has to offer.

The Student Handbook will be a useful resource in making the most of your total college experience. It will help you take advantage of services that support your academic success. It covers important policies concerning the college’s expectations for academic performance and personal conduct. The offices listed in this handbook are always ready to assist you.


The faculty and staff at El Paso Community College take a great deal of pride in the care and concern given to each student and are committed to student success throughout your stay at EPCC.

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