EPCC Language Institute

 Conversation ESL

Achieving good English language skills is a goal of many adult learners.  The Language Institute offers Conversation ESL classes in a non-credit program designed to prepare students to communicate effectively in diverse settings.  Instructors present topic-centered lessons that are appealing to students in a variety of learning styles such as group and class discussions, dialogues, pronunciation practices, and vocabulary. 


These courses are designed for non-native English speakers to improve conversation skills and to explore aspects of the English language in various life and professional scenarios.  The emphasis is on practical every day use of English and communication skills. 


Conversation ESL classes are on Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm.  Each cycle is 13 Saturdays and you can enroll in 3 cycles per year.  Please click the picture below to see the next starting date.


Conversation ESL has 6 levels from basic to advanced.  


A placement exam is required to ensure proper placement; the exam fee is $5.00 dollars.  Contact us to schedule an appointment for the exam..  Please note that appointment is required for the placement exam.  

Conversation Poster

 Supportive Services

We are committed to help you!  We offer Conversation Circles during the week to help you continue practicing your English skills, please click on the picture below to see the schedule.  In addition, our Language Lab has several tools and programs that you can use during open-lab hours. 

Important and Effective Tips:

-Practice speaking English by yourself; it might feel silly, but it is great training for you.

-Practice thinking in English; don't translate as it results in sentences that do not sound correct in English because sentence structure is often different than your native language.

-Practice speaking English every day as often as possible; read out loud, join conversation groups, find friends that do not speak your native language.