Emergency Notification System

 Tejano Alert

The Tejano Alert Emergency Notification System is used by El Paso Community College (EPCC) to keep everyone immediately informed of emergencies or similar unexpected events that affect EPCC students, faculty and staff. This system ensures that you receive critical emergency notifications of disasters, hazardous weather, police emergencies, or other unexpected events affecting the conducting of classes or college business.

The EPCC Tejano Alert System sends a text message to text enabled devices and also sends an e-mail notification to any e-mail addresses you have listed when you register for the Tejano Alert. These messages will provide necessary information and guidance. The Tejano Alert System is an important part of keeping you informed during emergencies.

Stay informed by updating or registering your information in the College's secure, emergency notification registration system by going to "My Alert Information" on the left-hand menu or by clicking here.