Workforce Development

 Institute for Customer Services Excellence - Southwest Region

To provide new, transitioning, and current workers with training opportunities to acquire skills to enter and advance in a job and career; and where businesses can link to the public workforce system to meet their hiring and staff development needs.

The Institute prepares students with industry-driven knowledge and skills needed to work in customer-service orientated positions such as in hospitality, shopping malls, airlines, banks, tourism, entertainment, call centers, hospitals and restaurants. In addition, the Institute provides opportunities for participants and graduates to pursue continuing education and training experiences and credentials through its partnership with the NRF Foundation.


We can customize customer service training for any agency, in order to meet their needs.


A dedicated community resource and skills development/certification center which recruits, trains, assesses, certifies and places individuals in retail and related customer service sector opportunities.


  1. To build a continuum of training, education and support services for career advancement and long term success in retail and other customer service-related industries.
  2. To engage employers and link them with the Workforce Investment System, local organizations, and businesses to meet their hiring, training and workforce development needs.
  3. To provide tools for area residents to succeed in the workplace.

 Employers in El Paso

Employers in El Paso that have hired ex-workforce EPCC students include:

  • Customer service call centers
  • Retail centers/malls/outlet malls
  • Hospitality
  • Banking
  • Cellular telephone companies

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Luz E. Taboada

Director of Workforce Development


ASC B Bldg., Room 576

Estela Ortiz

Program Manager


ASC B Bldg., Room 479


Introduction to Customer Service

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the process of providing good customer service. It includes the recognition of the customer base and identification and fulfillment of customer needs. (32 hours)

Length: 8 days

Customer Service Skills and Sales

This course is designed to provide introduction to selling skills in a variety of retail settings. Students will be able to use a variety of strategies to enhance customer service before, during and after the business transaction. (80 hours)

Length: 4 weeks

Introduction to Retailing

This course introduces students to the retailing environment and its relationship to consumer traditional/nontraditional retailing markets. the course will also expose the students to online retailing techniques and the factors that influence modern retailing. Students will perform basic workplace math calculations that an entry-level employee would need in day to day operations. (48 hours)

Length: 2.5 weeks

Retail Organization and Operations

This course is designed to provide introduction to retailing in a variety of business settings. This study of the field of retailing presents the requirements for successful careers in retailing, structures of the retail organization including policies and procedures, pricing of merchandise, and customer service. (80 hours)

Length: 4 weeks

Enhancing Your Customer Service Skills

This course is designed to enhance the participant's internal/external customer service skills. Participants will learn real world applications of customer service skills, telephone etiquette, and business ethics. (8 hours)

Length: 1 day